About Amin Mokki

The owner of this website is Amin Mokki

Purpose: To make people realise the fun of cycling and let them know what they are missing out on! Haha, just kidding there. On Ellen’s Diary, it’s like a diary entry, and yes with the theme of Cycling!

So, do you cycle often?

Yes, No, Yes but not regularly, and Very Rarely. Your answers might fall in any of these categories.

If you are seriously considering to be fit, then cycling is a good option. It is a light form of aerobics exercise, which suits well for all ages. With regular cycling of half an hour, you can keep yourself protected from obesity, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, and many other deadly body ailments.

Ellen’s Diary will also feature the essentials to be considered as a cyclist, how to get started, plan out a cycling tour, and the list goes on!

I can’t explain it all in this tiny space though, it would be better if you check out the page by yourself, and don’t forget to share your insights!