TalktoWendys adds the automation to its attractive menu

Wendy’s Co., where the old burger is located, serves up something modern: self-service kiosks.

The Dublin, Ohio-based fast-food company will equip at least 1,000 restaurants, or about 15% of its businesses, with end-of-year machinery. Wendy’s started installing these kiosks last year so customers can order without the help of poor workers.

Wendy joins other restaurants that are moving toward automation for at least part of the dining experience.

Panera Bread has announced that it will equip all restaurants with touchscreen kiosks in a few years. McDonald’s also plans to launch kiosks where customers can customize their burgers across the United States. A coffee shop in San Francisco serves coffee from a robotic barista.

Such self-service machines and related technologies can dramatically change the way the fast-food industry works by $ 230 billion, analysts said. With minimum wages reaching $ 15 in some parts of the country (including California), many chains are looking for ways to cut labor costs.

“Many restaurants, not just fast-food chains, are really trying to cut labor costs,” said Lauren Hallow, a conceptual analyst at Technomic, a restaurant market research firm.

For example, some restaurants offer incentives to promote mobile orders to reduce queues, with special discount apps and the option to skip the line when picking up orders.

Importance of the TalktoWendys Survey 

TalktoWendys Survey at holds prime importance for Wendy’s. This survey allows the Wendy’s management team to make sure that the customers interact with the TalktoWendys administrators directly and make sure that their opinions and feedback are considered by the management team of Wendy’s. is an extremely secure portal for the customers to place all their opinions, feedback, and suggestions regarding the services and the products of Wendy’s.

TalktoWendys Survey can be securely accessed at the official survey portal This portal is accessible only to the customers of Wendy’s. has provided Wendy’s a firm option to analyze themselves, work upon themselves, and thus be the best fast-food restaurant in the world.

If you are a regular customer of Wendy’s, you should definitely visit the official survey portal and make sure that you participate in the TalktoWendys Survey and thus help the Wendy’s to provide the best quality of services to its each and every customer.

At Wendy’s, CIO David Trimm said customers and franchisees love kiosks.

“You will see that customers go directly to these kiosks and ignore the lines,” Trimm said on the company’s Investor Day on February 16. “Some customers clearly prefer to use kiosks.”

There is a “big” demand among franchisees that it will save about $ 15,000 at three kiosks, Trimm said. Wendy estimates the cost will only be paid in less than two years, she said.

This type of kiosk is not new, but it is gaining prominence in restaurants as the boom in online and mobile ordering with technology has finally spurred customers.

Young guests in particular often find it easier to interact with a machine than to deal with human workers. More than 40% of millennials said they used restaurant kiosks compared to almost 30% of all customers. It was the result of recent technological research.

Young customers like to control the entire ordering process, said Hallow. You can go fast if you want, or you can stay and see what you can do without waiting for a box.

In the long run, many chains see kiosks as a way to reduce their workforce, especially when wages rise.

Employee attorneys are skeptical of automation in the fast-food industry.

“If fast-food companies could replace us with machines, they would have,” Anggie Godoy, director of the Fight for $ 15 movement in Los Angeles, said in a statement last November. The fact is, we operate in the service sector and fast food restaurants always need a good workforce.

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