Vancouver Biker ‘death-defying’ Vertical Ramp Stunt Gone Viral

If you have visited the profile of Jordie Lunn on Instagram, then you will understand the real meaning of courage and wildness. He is a mountain biker, and believes in pushing the limits.

There was a viral video entitled the death-defying stunt performed on a vertical wooden ramp. Jordie is the guy who planned, designed and performed.

First, he created a vertical wooden ramp, not so wide in length and tied them to a long tree trunk. This was the path that Jordie had to cover on his bicycle. “It’s a pretty crazing feeling, definitely” is what Jordie mentioned about the stunt, who has been riding bikes for more than 2 decades now.

The Man Who Defied Gravity & Hit the Glory

Jordie was not thinking about too many things at the moment. He mentioned how he only focussed on one single thing at a time. The vertical ramp which was laid on the trunk made up to 20m distance, and it was set in a way making 80 degrees angle.

“I was sort of talking to myself throughout the challenge that kept me going, to commit in what I planned”.

Jordie took a trial of the stunt before and initially backed out of it. That’s when he decided to design the path by himself. He told that building the path was the easiest of all, and he knew that he had to make changed to make it work.

Well, after making that swift entry back to the top of the track, Jordie didn’t have any second thoughts except – ‘get on the bike and reach to that point’.

There were cameras set up on different angles that took the shot of Jordie’s successful leap from all the directions. Fortunately, he only suffered minor injuries.

On receiving people’s messages and feedbacks, he just feels overwhelmed by the response.

Asking about the vertical ramp idea, Jordie told that one cannot repeat the stunts, you can’t perform the same thing that has already been tried. He added that you need to stand out, and bring uniqueness in the format.

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